About me

My name is Gunn L. Fotland.

I live on a farm situated in Time community, Fotland.

For about 20 years ago I got the chance to join in a calligraphy course held by Herborg N. Kverneland.

It was love from first letter. Herborg has been a great inspirator and teacher ever since.

Calligraphy: Greek: ‘kalos’ : beautiful and ‘graphein’: Write. The art of beautiful writing.

The last couple of years I have had the opportunity to further develop my skills within calligraphy.

I have been taught by some of Europe’s most famous calligraphers.

Rachel Yallup, England
Susan Moor, England
Loek de la Haye, The Netherlands (bookbinder)
David Brown, Ireland

Gaynor Goffe, England
Mary Noble, England
Emily Bohley, Germany
Birgit Nass, Germany
Massimo Polello, Italy
Katharina Pieper, Germany

Past years:
Jean  Larcher, France
Denis Brown, Ireland
Gaynor Goffe, England
Mary Noble, England
Manny Ling, England
Ewan Clayton, England
Margaret Morgan, England
Bas Vlam, Norway
Borghild Telnes, Norway
Christoffer Haanes, Norway
I want to show my appreciation to the society ‘Kalligrafisk klubb’, which is run by Bas Vlam from Florvåg and all the summercourses which have been hosted by Rita Aase Austvoll, Sandnes. Many international calligraphers have visited Norway because of Bas and Rita’s effort. And  I also want to thank Helene Jenssen and her colleagues for their  work for the society ‘Skrift’.

I have taken a university degree in art in the premises of the School of  Art in Rogaland and the  teachers were Terry Nilssen-Love and Nils Eger. The title adjunct qualifies me to teach art at high school. In addition, I have also attended several years of drawing at Yang Zhu’s former drawing studio in Sandnes which included act drawing and croqouis. Lately I have attended several painting courses at Gallery F12. It is also worth mentioning that I have worked as an art teacher in a local culture school.



Bilder fra utstillingen fra Fotland Mølle 2015 er tatt av Frank Andresen. Hjemmesider er utviklet av kinfizz.